Calgary Dollars

Region: Calgary, Canada

Currency Type: locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued: 1995

Description and Background: Calgary Dollars is a community economic development program that utilizes a complementary currency to strengthen participants’ ability to withstand social and economic crises, create a local system of exchange, and create a better sense of community. Participants earn both Calgary Dollars and the federal currency through online and print listings, marketing assistance and skills building, and by marketing goods and services at monthly Calgary Dollar Markets.

Circulation and Participation: 1200 users, 300 businesses

Founder: Arusha Center




Salt Spring Dollars

Region: British Columbia, Canada

Currency Type: locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued: 2001

Description and Background: Salt Spring Dollars is one of the oldest local currency distributors in Canada. The currency is distributed by the Salt Spring Island Monetary Foundation, which was founded as a not-for-profit society on July 17th, 2001, in the Province of British Columbia.

Circulation and Participation: Salt Spring Dollars are accepted at a majority of businesses on Salt Spring Island. Many smaller cafes and local artisans, farmers and food vendors accept the currency at the Saturday Market.

Founder: Michael Gallant



Unity Dollars

Region: Ontario, Canada

Currency Type: locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued: 2006

Description and Background: Unity Dollars focuses on the idea that supporting trade within the Madawaska Valley empowers the Ontario people in an economic aspect.

Circulation and Participation: There are approximately 70 Unity traders who are active within this Unity Dollar network. Many Unity traders are willingly accepting other usury free community currencies at par.

Founder: Not listed



Kawartha Loons

Region: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Currency Type: locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued: 2012

Description and Background: Kawartha Loons are complementary to the Canadian dollar and can be exchanged at participating credit unions or banks in the region, as well as several stores.

Circulation and Participation: unknown

Founder: Kawartha Loon Exchange


Social Media: Twitter- @transitionptbo1


Tianguis Tlaloc

Region: Oaxaca and Mexico City, Mexico

Currency Type:  mutual credit barter system, locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued:  Originally introduced in Oaxaca in 1994 and re-released in Mexico City in 1996

Description and Background:  Physical notes and an accounting system are used to exchange goods and services in the Tlaloc community. Lists of offers and requests are printed for and by members of the community every four months. The bills are designated by time; when one joins the community, 15 hours of Tlaloc notes and a 40 hour credit to their account is given to them to begin trading. One Tlaloc note exchanges to 50 pesos, or approximately one hour of work.

Circulation and Participation:  unknown

Founders: the Promocion del Desarrollo Popular A.C. (PdP)




Region:  States throughout Mexico

Currency Type:  locally-issued convertible paper currency

First Issued:  November 2010

Description and Background:  Túmin notes exchange 1:1 to the peso. If a consumer is using Túmin, a minimun of 10% of the purchase has to be made with Túmin. New businesses receive 500 Túmin when they register to accept the currency.

Circulation and Participation:  1,800 merchants listed in the general directory

Founders:  unknown


Social Media: