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Multi-unit commercial space owned by Anchorage CLT.

Anchorage Community Land Trust
3701 Mountain View Dr.  Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99508

Date Incorporated: 2003
Purpose: Anchorage Community Land Trust strives to develop healthy and prosperous communities in Anchorage by acquiring, developing and planning for the land and projects necessary to bring about sustainable neighborhood revitalization and economic development.
Land Holdings: Five mixed-use commercial sites occupied by non-profit offices, art studios, a health clinic, food carts, and restaurants; converting 28,000 sq. ft building into an urban farm; site of Ch’anikna Commons  condiminiums.
Governance Notes: ACLT works both as a land trust and as a community development organization. The organization oversees two 501(c)(2) subsidiaries and an LLC to manage leasing; ACLT pays property taxes on the for-profit units, but not on the properties where tenants have charitable or artistic purposes; Does not apply the classic long-term CLT lease, but instead offers short-term leases specific to the business lessee.
Partners and Funders

Sitka Community Land Trust
P.O. Box 6461
Sitka, AK 99835

Date Incorporated: 2006
Purpose:  Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: SCLT currently owns one property, Halibut Point Cottages. Construction is in progress. The neighborhood will have seven homes.
Partners: Managed by the  Sitka Community Development Corporation.