Virginia CLTs - Schumacher Center for New Economics


Huntington Community Land Trust
785 Harpersville Rd
Newport News, VA 23601

Date Incorporated: 2019
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: None as of Jan. 2020, still in preliminary stage.

Maggie Walker Community Land Trust
203 N. Robinson Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Date Incorporated: 2016
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 19 homes with an additional 22 under development.
Governance Notes: Bylaws reflect tripartite board structure, but not enough residents to constitute one third of board members; Board is self-perpetuating.
Additional Information: Manages the Richmond Land Bank;  Two programs for homeownership, one geared towards homeowners making less than 80% of AMI, and the other for those making less than 115% of AMI.

Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust
PO Box 1606
Charlottesville, VA 22902-1606

Date Incorporated: 2008
Purpose: Affordable housing
Land Holdings: eight homes sold, four under construction.
Governance Notes: Not a membership organization; Board of trustees is self-perpetuating
but upholds a tripartite structure.

Homes held by Maggie Walker CLT