New Mexico CLTs - Schumacher Center for New Economics

New Mexico

Land held by Mil Abrazos

Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust
1194 Dilia Loop

La Loma, NM 87724

Date Incorporated: 2014
Purpose: Provide for permanently affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, cottage industries and co-operatives
Land Holdings:  32 acres of irrigated farmland
Governance Notes: Board formed but do not administer ground leases yet.

Sawmill Community Land Trust
990 18th St. NW 2nd Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Date Incorporated: 1994
Purpose: Protect neighborhood from gentrification and polluting industry; equitable development.
Land Holdings: 34 acres of reclaimed industrial land with 93 affordable ownership homes and three affordable apartment complexes set within a neighborhood with community gardens, playgrounds, and a plaza.
Partners: City of Albuquerque
Additional Information: Currently planning additional apartment complexes and economic development projects.

Tierra Madre
102 Tierra Madre Street
Sunland Park, NM  88063575-589-4412

Date Incorporated: 1995
Purpose: Create an inter-cultural and sustainable community on the U.S.–Mexico border.
Land Holdings: Community center, access road, five straw bale homes built, nine under construction.
Additional Information: Five families built and are now living in their new, energy efficient, passive solar, straw bale homes. Nine more families have begun building their homes.

Historic image of industrial land now converted to affordable housing by Sawmill CLT
Straw bale housing created by residents and Tierra Madre organizers