Community Land Trust H-Buurt
Bullewijkpad 51
1102 LB Amsterdam

Purpose:  Create neighborhood change in Bijlmer and generate affordable housing. 
Land Holdings: In organizational phase of recruiting members, obtaining land, and funding. 
Additional Information: This is a joint collaboration between the residents of the Bijlmer, a coalition of experts, NWEurope Interreg CLT SHICC Programme, and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Stichting Grond van Bestaan
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Purpose: Transform the relationship between people and land by working with local communities to create commons and community land trusts, and then sustainably manage these. 
Land Holdings:  They have a number of projects in development. Food Park Amsterdam is  a 43 hectare lot intended to be a business park which they hope to convert to an agro-ecological landscape park. They also have the Veerhuis, which is a center for land ideology reformation and the creation of a new economy, the land under which will be donated to the land trust.  They also hold land on which there are a number of farms and nurseries. A complete list of initiatives can be found here