Beekeeping at Moon-Randolph Homestead, administered by North Missoula CDC

Big Sky Community Housing Trust
PO Box 160164
Big Sky, MT 59716

Date Incorporated: 2020
Purpose: Affordable workforce housing.
Land Holdings:  One development with 52 units completed. A second development with 100 new rental units planned.

Headwaters Community Housing Trust
222 E. Main Street, Suite #102A
Bozeman, MT 59715

Purpose: Create a supply of permanently affordable homes for working households. 
Land Holdings: They are currently working on the Bridger View neighborhood, which will include 62 energy-efficient homes in a well-designed, walkable community. 31 of these will be permanently affordable homes. 
Partners and Sponsors

Montana Agrarian Commons
Missoula, MT

Purpose: Create  affordable and secure land access for regenerative food production, ecological stewardship, and education opportunities.
Land Holdings: They are organizing to obtain land and hope to hold between 4 and 12 farms in total. 
Governance Notes: Bylaws
Additional Information: The Montana Agrarian Commons was established by three organizational board members: Agrarian Trust, Trust Montana, and Vilicus Training Institute.

North Missoula Community Development Corporation
1500 Burns St.
Missoula, MT 59802

Date Incorporated: 1996
Purpose: Generate affordable housing and community vitality.
Governance Notes: Not open-membership, but residents of the community can apply to join the self-perpetuating board of the CDC.
Land Holdings: 
Five sites that include 52 housing units. 

Partners: Received technical assistance from the Institute for Community Economics.

Northwest Montana Community Land Trust
P.O. Box 9316 
Kalispell, MT 59904

Date Incorporated: 2012
Purpose: Permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income families.
Properties: 53 homes.
Governance Notes: Tripartite, self-perpetuating board.

Trust Montana
P.O. Box 8791
Missoula, MT 59807

Purpose: Facilitate and maintain affordable housing, economic development, agricultural land preservation, and historic preservation.
Land Holdings:  They currently have 19 homes in five different communities, and are working on their first farm project, in Missoula County. They hope to develop 50 affordable housing units over the next 3 years.
Governance Notes: Bylaws Currently governed by a working board of professionals, with members drawn from the affordable housing sector, finance sector, historic preservation sector, and legal profession; one third of the board will be homeowners once land holdings and  stakeholder homeowners increase. They now have 3 homeowner board members serving on the statewide board, and are nearing their goal of 1/3 homeowner lessees.
Partners, Funders, Sponsors, and More
Additional Information: Aims primarily to work in areas around the state that do not have the capacity to operate their own CLT, but is chartered to work in any part of the state.

Historic image of North Missoula CDC's neighborhood
One home of the North Missoula Community Development Corporation
Housing units of the North Missoula Community Development Corporation
Northwest Montana CLT
A Northwest Montana CLT home