BioBoden Genossenschaft
Dorfstraße 58
17321 Rothenklempenow
+49 (0) 234 414702 00

Year Created: 2015
Purpose: Secure land for environmentally sustainable agriculture.
Land Holdings: 2868 hectares of land with 53 organic farms in Germany.
Additional Information: BioBoden holds agricultural land and leases it to farmers in the form of long term affordable leases. 
Partners: Access to Land

Kulturland eG
Hauptstr. 19
29456 Hitzacker
+49 5862 9411033

Year Created: 2014
Purpose: Preserve farmland for long-term community use. 
Land Holdings: 26 community supported farms on 391 hectares of land. 
Additional Information: Acquire farmland to rent on a long-term basis. Members invest €500 to be a part of the cooperative. 
Partners: Access to Land

Regionalwert AG
Geyer zu Lauf Str 5
79312 Emmendingen

Year Created: 2006
Purpose:  Create regional  sustainable enterprises, ranging from agricultural production to processing, retailing and further services.
Land Holdings: 6 farmers have gained access to farmland so far. They have purchased 10 hectares of land and preserved 250 hectares of farmland. 
Additional Information: RWAG has supported farms producing vegetables and grains, fruits, dairy products, cheese and meat, wine, liquors and juices. Furthermore, there are caterers for children, a fruit dryer, a box-scheme, 3 shops, a wholesaler, an accounting business, a start-up councillor and a research institute.
Partners: Access to Land

Gottschedstr. 4, Rise 4
13357 Berlin
+49 (0)30 9210 0034

Year Created: 2021
Purpose: Take land off of the speculative market in addition to creating and preserving affordable housing and community spaces. 
Land Holdings: They are currently in negotiations for their first project. It is about an apartment building with 10 residential units and a commercial unit in Kreuzberg. 
Partners: SHICC and others found here.