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British Columbia

Community Land Trust
220-1651 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3Y3

Date Incorporated: 1993
To provide stable, quality housing for low and moderate income household and support mix use developments that include residential, retail, and community space.
Land Holdings:
More than 20 housing co-ops  with sites located throughout Victoria, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Kelowna and North Cowichan. 
Governance Details: The Community Land Trust is governed by the 12-member board of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC. CHF BC’s mission is to unite, represent and serve its members in a thriving co-operative housing movement.  Its directors are elected by delegates representing CLT residents.

Denman Community Land Trust Association
4201 Nixon Road,
Denman Island, BC
V0R 1T0

Date Incorporated: 2008
To create longterm affordable housing for residents of Denman Island who are most at risk.
Land Holdings: 6 projects, both past and present
Governance Details: All directors are residents of Denman Island. Bylaws.

Okanagan Village Housing Society
100 - 3502 27th Avenue
Vernon, BC
V1T 7A1

Purpose: Create permanently affordable housing for low to moderate income residents of North Okanagan. 
Land Holdings: 
Four villages or properties, one with 75 units, one with 6 units, one with 12 units, and one with 13 units. 
Governance Details: Board members serve voluntarily and are elected yearly. 
Additional Information: The Okanagan Village Housing Society was originally known as the Vernon and District Community Land Trust Society.

New Brunswick

The Rural Neighborhood Project
107 S Knowlesville
Knowlesville, NB

Date Incorporated: 2010
Purpose: Rural revitalization with affordable and sustainable housing and land use. Used to be the South Knowlesville Community Land Trust and switched names in 2021. 
Land Holdings: 15 people housed. The property consists of 20 acres of hayfield and 29 acres of woods, alder brush, regenerating old pasture and wetlands. 


Co-operative Housing Land Trusts
658 Danforth Avenue, Suite 306
Toronto, ON 
M4J 5B9

Purpose: Keep land in the hands of the community and preserve, maintain, and secure affordable housing in the form of co-ops for future residents. 
Land Holdings: 4 co-op buildings. Once a co-op’s mortgage is paid off, the units will remain in the hands of the members. Future members will have the benefits of co-operative housing for years to come.
Partners: An initiative of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto. 

Hamilton Community Land Trust
350 King Street East, Suite 104
Hamilton, ON
L8N 3Y3

Date Incorporated: 2014
Purpose: To make better use of underused land, and preserve or create new community assets, such as housing, parks, community space, work space, and gardens. 
Land Holdings: They have one property as of 2022. 
Additional Information: Began as the Beasley Neighborhood CLT, was supported by nonprofit and city government to expand into a city-wide program.

Kensington Market Land Trust
Kensington Market
Toronto, ON 
M5T 2K2

Date Incorporated: 2017
Purpose: To safeguard the diversity and cultural integrity, and increase the affordability, of rapidly gentrifying Kensington Market neighborhood.
Land Holdings: They have 2 sites, one which includes 12 housing units and 5 commercial spaces which includes a variety store. 
Governance Notes: Bylaws

Muskoka Community Land Trust
Muskoka, Ontario

Date Incorporated: 2021
Develop affordable housing and affordable rental units in the district of Muskoka. 
Land Holdings: In progress. 
Governance Notes: Governed by a board of directors of local residence and stakeholders. 
Funders: The District Municipality of Muskoka

North Hastings Community Trust
19 Valleyview Drive
Bancroft, ON
K0L 1C0

Date Incorporated: 2003
Purpose: Provide emergency and sustainable solutions to poverty in North Hastings. 
Land Holdings: They are building a community center which will be part of the community land trust, in addition to searching for housing options to add to the CLT. 
Governance Notes: Governed by a board of directors and "the Hub," which is a group of community leaders who give advice on specific aspects of the trust. 
Additional Information: In addition to a community land trust, they run community gardens, research new sustainable food and housing options, run a wood share, and provide community assistance. 
Funders: Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ottawa Community Land Trust
c/o Community Housing Transformation Centre
533 rue Ontario E,
Bureau 350
Montréal, Québec
H2L 1N8

Purpose: Provide affordable housing and generate community stewardship of land for Ottawa. 
Land Holdings: In early organizing stages. 
Governance Details: The current steering committee is comprised of leaders from the community housing sector in Ottawa. 
Additional Information: While located in Québec, the land trust will function in Ottawa, Ontario. 
Partners: Plans to partner with non-profits, cooperatives, and municipalities to preserve and support diverse affordable housing assets and real estate projects. 

Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust
27 Madison Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 2S2

Date Incorporated: 2014
Purpose: PNLT will acquire land and use it to meet the needs of Parkdale by leasing it to non-profit partners who can provide affordable housing, furnish spaces for social enterprises and non-profit organizations, and offer urban agriculture and open space. Also, PNLT promotes community participation in guiding how land is used to benefit the community and keep Parkdale affordable and diverse.
Land Holdings:   They have obtained 81 single family homes and small buildings from the City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). They also have an additional 51 units of housing. They have the Milky Way Garden, which is a 7000 square ft. previously vacant property in the heart of Parkdale (purchased from private owners directly) which serves as a site for social enterprise, urban agriculture, environmental education, and community gatherings.
Governance Details: Currently run by the board of directors nominated from members (open membership). 

Hamilton CLT
The Hamilton CLT hands over the keys to the Amnual Family, marking the completion of their first CLT home.


Foncier Solidaire
Dunham, Quebec

Date Incorporated: 2020
Land Holdings: In process of acquiring land. 
Governance Details: Tripartite board, homeowner owns home and then the land, the services (water, sanitary facilities, access road and electrical connection) and the 20% down payment remain the property of the community through Foncier Solidaire.


Northern Community Land Trust
704 Main Street, Unit 201
Whitehorse, YT 
Y1A 0T5

Purpose: Create permanently affordable housing in Whitehorse. 
Land Holdings: They have plans to build a 30 to 60 unit CLT in Whitehorse with an emphasis on shared spaces such as community gardens, playgrounds and green spaces. They seek to house a diversity of residents in units ranging from 1-3 bedroom sizes.