Place de l'Eglise 2 in 1340 Ottignies
010 43 50 10

Purpose: Provide housing for those who suffer with chronic psychiatric disorders. 
Land Holdings: A building with 11 apartments, 5 of which were sold, but the Alodgî Foundation was able to keep the land as part of a community land trust. The building also has  a multipurpose room with a café, La Tchafouille, and associative, cultural and artistic activities. 

Community Land Trust Bruxelles
Avenue de la Toison d'Or 72
1060 Saint-Gilles

Year Created: 2012
Purpose: Create affordable homeownership opportunities. 
Land Holdings: They have completed 5 projects and are currently working on developing 5 more. Their completed projects add up to 103 housing units in addition to a public garden, community spaces, an end of life home, and a birthing home. 
Additional Information: The Community Land Trust Bruxelles  is comprised of a Non-profit Organization and a Foundation of Public Utility. It is governed by a tripartite board. 
Associated Organizations: SHICC

Community Land Trust Gent
Blaisant cardigan 70
9000 Gent

Year Created: 2012
Purpose: Housing that is sustainable and high-quality while also being affordable. 
Land Holdings: 1 project in the works with 34 housing units, community spaces, and a community garden. 
Associated Organizations: SAAMO Gent, SHICC

Community Land Trust Leuven
Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1 
3000 Leuven
016 27 26 77

Year Created: 2019
Purpose: Create affordable housing and place ownership of land into the hands of the community. 
Land Holdings: They are in the organizing phase right now and plan to obtain land and housing units soon. 
Additional Information: Uses tripartite board to manage the CLT. 
Media: Community Land Trust Leuven

De Landgenoten
Regine Beerplein 1/E305
2018 Antwerp
+32 3 286 92 77

Year Created: 2014
Purpose: Provide access to land for organic farmers in Flanders. 
Land Holdings:  31.85 hectares of land with an additional 5.25 undergoing acquisition. 13 organic farms and 21 organic farmers  use this common land. 
Additional Information: De Landgenoten rent out the acquired land to organic farmers throughout their entire careers and then passes the land on to the following organic farmer so the built-up soil fertility is never lost.
Associated Organizations: Access to Land